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Five Wedding Day Must-Haves

In a perfect world, the biggest day of your life starts bright and early after a fantastic night’s sleep, with the sun shining, birds tweeting and every single thing – from the violinist to the vol-au-vents – arriving on time.

Of course, this isn’t the perfect world and only the very fortunate manage to get through their wedding day without some sort of mishap. But your heels snapping, make-up smudging and speakers breaking doesn’t mean the day is ruined; far from it. In fact, the odd calamity is all part of the (rather stressful) fun.

To at least try and make getting hitched go without a hitch, take a look at these five essential things to invest in on your wedding day… Wedding mishaps

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

She gave you the gift of life, so you should definitely give her a gift she’ll love. But choosing the perfect gift for your mum on Mother’s Day can be tricky, particularly when your persistently met with ‘Oh it’s fine dear, just get me a nice card’ when you ask if there’s anything she’d like.

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Trend Alert: Vanity Fair

With a selective nod to SS14’s primmest, prettiest looks, Vanity Fair takes cues from high society’s finest to deliver a chic, floral infused edit. Cut in soft feminine shapes and painted in saccharine shades, look to ladylike separates, candied pastels and garden variety graphics for this upper-crust get-up. But it’s not all super serious sophistication; add a little fun to the prim parade with conversational prints and unexpected fabrics…

We’ve taken some of our favourite pieces from the Vanity Fair lookbook and styled four gorgeous outfits to see you from spring soiree to high tea!

Sundae girl

In a palette good enough to eat, this ice cream coloured collection gives the ol’ pencil skirt and smart shirt combo a sweet shakeup. A stylish evening look, pair this statement set with a blazer and switch your clutch for a grown up tote for work-worthy in a flash.

Vanity Fair

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Flats vs. Heels: The Great Debate

Just like starter or dessert*, Edward or Jacob**, flats or heels is one of life’s big decisions. Is it really a case of fashion vs. functionality? Or can we have the best of both worlds? We ask the Simply Be team where they stand on the great debate and bring you our top picks from both camps.

Annaliese – Flat out fabulous

“My love affair with heels has been a rocky one, fraught with stumbling blocks (emphasis on the stumbling) and more twisted ankles than I’d care to mention. While I can’t deny that heels are often the icing on my outfit’s cake, they are also be the reason I fell over on the dance floor at the office Christmas party and my feet were too sore to walk on the next day. I have to ask myself: is it worth it? Continue reading

Measure Your Feet Day! Wooh!

Quick! Balloons, streamers, CAKE! Today is Measure Your Feet Day people! Who’s with me?

Anybody? …No?

Okay, so it’s no Cheese Day (yes, that one exists too), but if there’s one thing we should take from this slightly random but no less helpful day, it’s that we should all know how big are feet are. Both of them.

Last month, we brought you a blog post which showed you how to do just that (and how to measure your calves to boot). You can check it out here.

We’re not sure why the good folk in Iceland originally dreamt up Measure your Feet Day, but for us, it’s all about feeling comfortable and confident in your own shoes…and being able to fit into these beauties…

These boots are made for walkin’…

With summer still a distant dream, there’s life in the boot yet. These fab pairs will see you through the chillier months and well into spring.


Footwear: How do you measure up?

CinderellaIt fits! Have your very own Cinderella moment with our guide to finding the perfect fit and understanding shoe sizes.

Act your shoe size, not your age!

…But are you sure know your shoe size? You could be there, happily acting like a six year old, when actually you’re a 6½ (and, as any child will tell you, that half is very important)! Put an end to unhappy feet and discover your true size with our handy guide to footwear fitting; after all, life’s too short for shoes that make your feet sad. Continue reading

Party Essentials

It’s time to hit play on party season and get glammed up for the fab festivities ahead. You shall go to the ball!

Oh how we love party season. The glitz, the glamour, the dancing, (the drinking!). Make sure you’re set for every soiree in town and stock up on these essential style items.

Collarless Buttoned Coat

Coat of armour

Keep chills at bay and arrive in style with a chic winter coat. We love this stylish Collarless Buttoned Coat in a versatile oyster hue. £70

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These shoes were made for dancing…



When you’ve found your perfect party dress, it’s time to think about your party shoes. Or, if you’re like some of the girls in the Simply Be office, you’ll find your fabulous shoes first and then find a dress to match!

Twinkle Toes

Metallics and diamantes are the glamorous choice for a glittering Christmas bash. A red dress looks fab (and very festive) with gold while cooler colours like blue or purple look gorgeous with silver. Black will go with either of course – so think about what colour jewellery you’ll be wearing and make sure you match up.

Chunky Heels

Delicate heels look ever so dainty but they are definitely trickier to walk in. If you plan on dancing the night away (and perhaps indulging in a tipple or two) a chunkier heel or a wedge heel will be both easier to walk in and comfier too. Shoe boots and styles with a strap around the ankle will provide extra security.


Colour Pop

Whether you’re planning to colour match or colour clash with your outfit, bold and bright shoes scream ‘look at me!’ Bright shoes are also the perfect way to lift an all-black outfit.

After the Party…

If you have been dancing all night, don’t be left suffering at home time. Pop a pair of these fab folding shoes in your handbag and then slip them on at the end of the night. Not only will your feet love you for it, you’ll still look gorgeous – and your girlfriends will be soo jealous!


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How to Dress for a Modelling Interview

If you’re lucky enough to get a face-to-face interview with a modelling agency or client firstly – well done! You’ve done fantastically to get that far in such a competitive industry. But for such an important meeting the big question is – what on earth do you wear? Follow our tips and we’ll help you to get it right.

Although you’re out to impress and you obviously want to show your fashion credentials, an interview is not the time to be showcasing the statement pieces from your wardrobe. Your interviewer will be trying to imagine how you will look in their collection so it’s better to keep it really simple – neat and contemporary, but fairly plain. Casting agents will want to see your figure so go for form-fitting clothing. Skinny jeans and a close-fitting vest or T-shirt is perfect.

Depending on the nature of the casting, you may be asked to walk for the client. This means you need to be able to show that you can walk in heels, so they’re the natural footwear choice. They’ll also make you look taller and more confident for that initial first impression. Plain black or nude court shoes are perfect.

You may be asked to try on any kind of garment, so make sure your underwear doesn’t let you down. A smooth nude bra and matching briefs are essential. We’d recommend wearing or taking with you a strapless or multiway bra so that you’re ready for any kind of outfit. Make sure you’re wearing the right size so that your bust is well supported and you have a lovely silhouette.

Hair & Make Up
Much along the same lines as your clothing, you need to keep your hair and make-up simple. A casting agent will want to look at you as a blank canvas for whatever style they have in mind. Keep make up natural looking and not too heavy on the foundation so that they can see how good your skin is. Wear your hair down or scraped back neatly.

So there are our tips! It’s not about wowing them with what you wear – it’s about wowing them with your personality and modelling skills, so let that shine through.