Footwear: How do you measure up?

CinderellaIt fits! Have your very own Cinderella moment with our guide to finding the perfect fit and understanding shoe sizes.

Act your shoe size, not your age!

…But are you sure know your shoe size? You could be there, happily acting like a six year old, when actually you’re a 6½ (and, as any child will tell you, that half is very important)! Put an end to unhappy feet and discover your true size with our handy guide to footwear fitting; after all, life’s too short for shoes that make your feet sad.

Find your footing

Knowing your shoe size can make a world of difference, not just to your overall look but to your day-to-day comfort and the health of your feet. Take a look at our measuring guide and discover your true size in three simple steps.

Once you’ve found your true foot length, use this fitting chart to find your width fitting.

Fitting Guide A

Locate your shoe size on the left-hand column and follow the number to the right until you find your width in millimetres (or the closest to it). Then, follow all the way to the bottom until you land on your width fitting. So, if you’re a size 6 and your width measurement is 241mm, your true shoe size is 6EE.

Our fabulous range of footwear comes in Standard to EEE sizes. But what do these fittings mEEEan?

Standard – Our smallest fit

E – Wide fitting for a comfy fit

EE – Extra wide fitting for additional room around the toes

EEE – Extra wide plus fitting for a very roomy shoe

All you need is love new boots

If you’re shopping for new winter boots (and who could blame you? We’ve got a gorgeous new collection in for AW13), you’ll also need to find your calf width.  With a tape measure, take the measurement of the widest part of your calf. Once you’ve got it, use this fitting chart to find your true calf fitting.Fitting Guide B

Simply find your foot size along the left-hand column and run along the right to find the calf measurement that most closely matches your own. Run upwards to find your true calf fitting. Clever eh?

Covering calf sizes Slim to Extra Curvy Plus, check out our video on why our LEGROOM boots are so fantastic.

You can’t buy happiness…but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of the same thing

From knee-length lovelies to hot heeled ankle grazers, take a look at some of our favourite boot styles to go puddle jumping in this winter.

Simply Be Hi Leg Boot EEE Fit  Simply Be Hi Leg Boot E Fit  Legroom Boot E Fit Super Curvy Calf Width

Simply Be Cowboy Boot EEE Fit    Leather Boot E Fit    Simply Be Studded Ankle Boot E Fit

Check out our full range of fab footwear here and repeat after me: I deserve new shoes!

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